Olde English Babydoll Sheep

 Olde English Babydoll Ewes (C) 2013 Rivers Critters, LLC Sheep For Sale - Waiting for the 2017 Babies
Meet the Moms - 2017 Ewes Prior to Lambing

We are awaiting the birth of our 2017 Olde English Babydoll Sheep lambs, until then enjoy lambs of the past.    

Twins Born 2013

Male White
Born 2/2013

Female White
Born 3/8/2013
Twins plus rejected lamb

Male White Born 2/2013

Male with Black Socks
Born 2013

Born 2/2013

Babydoll Sheep are flock animals, they should never be kept alone.  They need at least one other sheep with them at all times.