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Olde English Babydoll Sheep Lamb This breed originated in Southeastern England in the 1780's and was imported into the United States in 1802.  However, breeding was abandoned in favor of larger animals.  In 1986 Robert Mock began searching for these miniature sheep.  Four years later (1990) he had found two flocks for a total of 17 sheep.  In 1998 their numbers had grown to 600.

These teddy bear faced sheep are intelligent, quiet docile and tame easily, plus with a little attention they come when you call or will walk on a leash.  These gentle creatures measure less than 24" tall from the shoulder; adults weigh 70 to 150 pounds.. They are good weeders and lawn mowers.  Since they do not girdle trees and shrubs they are sought after by vineyards, orchards and berry farms.

Olde English Babydoll Sheep are easy-keepers and require only grass or good quality hay and a sheep salt mineral for maintenance.  We hand-feed grain as a little treat occasionally, but they do not get grain regularly other than during the last few weeks of pregnancy and during lactation.   For more information, please be sure to visit our advice section.

We are located in Southern MN, 50 miles west of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul
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